Wayne's Gift

Wayne has been carrying this tiny, torn photo of his mother in his billfold for a long, long time.
  It is a photo that is very special to him.  He looked into having it professionally restored but the results weren't what he was hoping for and it would have been quite expensive.  My brother recreated the photo for Wayne earlier this year in pencil. We loved his work. Our styles are different so I thought it would be interesting to try drawing it myself. This the result.....

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RETA said...

Oh my! Such a beautiful depiction. Knowing you all these years, I always held you in high esteem for your artistic talent. Your work with fabric has been quite impressive through the years, not to mention the creativity that surfaced in everything you've touched. Now, in the late summer, autumn of your life - this hidden talent for drawing has burst forth. Again, I stand in awe. Each time I see a piece of your work - I think, "oh, how magnificent God is, that He could deposit such talent in one human being." Many things are uncertain in this life . . . but one thing is very certain . . . I am your greatest fan. Love you.. RETA