Urban Sketchers Texas

Saturday was a gorgeous day to be outside enjoying the sunshine and mild temperatures.  Wayne and I met the Urban Sketchers Texas in Dallas for a sketchcrawl at Klyde Warren Park.  It is a very unique park Just the fact that it was built over a busy highway is reason enough to visit the park but there is something for everyone to enjoy.  

I wish I had taken more photos of the park.  There were food trucks lined up along one side of the park offering a variety of good things to eat.  Tables and chairs are set up with great views of Dallas and the center of the park where young boys were playing football, the local animal shelter was trying to find forever homes for some very sweet dogs, and a religious group was singing and dancing.  Books and magazines are set out on shelves for visitors to sit and read while enjoying the outdoors.  The tree lined walkway is lovely and there is a wonderful area for young children to climb and slide and play together.

After sketching for about 2 hours it was time for the "throw down".  I love viewing everyone's sketchbooks and seeing the variety of styles, mediums and skill levels.  I always come away inspired and in awe of the talent represented.



This is my sketch.....

Then, finally it is time for the group photo.  We had a large turnout this month.  I am already looking forward to the next time!



Reta said...

What a delightful way to spend the day! Your sketch is great! I loved seeing the "throw down"! This is truly community at its best! The pic of the game going on at the park - reminds me of Central Park - with the buildings in the foreground. Really fantastic!

Giddings Art said...

Thank you, Reta! What I loved about it was seeing so many different people from all walks of life, enjoying the day together. A gentleman who was in on the planning of the park spoke to us before we started drawing. He said that on any given day, there are more people at Klyde Warren than at all the other parks in Dallas. You would never know that there are at least 6 lanes of traffic speeding by underneath your feet, unless you walk to either end of the park. There are concerts and other activities to enjoy there. We plan to go back.