Memorial Day

 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
John 15:13

       May we never forget their courage and sacrifice.



The Dallas VA Hospital is the largest hospital I have ever been in!  Wayne had oral surgery yesterday and I sketched the waiting room while he was having his procedure done.  Everything went well and he has minimal pain today although his lip is swollen and I am having to be careful not to make him laugh.
Drawing the waiting room was a good exercise on perspective.


Urban Sketchers Dallas/Fort Worth

Our May sketch outing was at the Irving Convention Center.  The convention center is an amazing building!  But always being different, I climbed a huge staircase to sketch off the top of the building.  So, this is my sketch from the day....

After meeting back together and sharing all of our sketches, we went to Andalous Mediterranean Grill for lunch.  I love trying new food and this was delicious!!  We had a great time sharing and getting to know each other.  Great day!!


Happy Mother's Day!!

I was blessed beyond measure this week to spend a little time with both of my kids.

We spent time posing for photos....


 Sharing photos....

And what we do best....

Being silly....

Happy Mother's Day!


Best Friends

Our neighbors have a puppy with lots of energy.  Her name is Penny and she is about 6 - 8 months old.  The saying goes...a good dog is a tired dog, so Gus gets a phone call several evenings a week to go play with Penny.  He enjoys his play dates so much that when we say Penny's name, he runs to get his leash.  We don't really need the leash because when he gets outside, he runs straight to her front door.  

 I stood on a chair in our kitchen to take these photos with my telephoto lens.  Penny has gotten so used to watching our kitchen window in hopes of seeing Gus that she spotted me right away.

They were the same size when they started playing together a few months ago!


 Penny loves to play with Gus' ears.  Yuck.  Looks like someone needs a bath.

Best Friends.....