Adventures With Gus

Just a few Gus photos to let you know what he has been up to......

Drooling over antique cars with Wayne....

 Checking out a new fire hydrant....

A family "foot shot"....

A walk in the park....

Taking a break while shopping in Roanoke......

 "Put down the phone, Wayne, it's time to order lunch!".....

Just hangin' out....


Warm Up

I have been wanting to get back to fiber art.  Having too many ideas floating around in my head to know where to start, I ran across a Craftsy course by Carol Ann Waugh, whom I met in Denver at the SAQA convention in 2011. Her work has always intrigued me and I thought her class would be a great warm up and possibly lead me in a new direction. Carol's class has gotten me excited about going through my fabric stash and threads.  I dove right in....on top of a few other projects I had spread out in my studio.  I guess today I will have to spend some time straightening up.  I know better than to deep clean and go through my cabinets and drawers....I will find all sorts of art supplies I forgot I own and end up playing instead of cleaning. : )  For now, I will just clear my work table and ironing board.

This is my class project in progress....

The sparkle of the metallic threads doesn't show up in the photo.

Carol critiqued my work saying that she thought it was beautiful but on my next piece I need to add more contrast.  I agree that is what is missing.  I think her work is exciting! 
Carol Ann Waugh Gallery

And as embarrassing as this is, here is a peek at just part of my studio....

I have my work cut out for me!


Birthday Fun!!

My birthday was last month and Wayne gave me a gift card to Blick.  Fun!!  Blick has so many cool art supplies, I had a hard time deciding what to order!  I finally decided on a few items and they arrived today.  I am so excited to try them out!!


Gus' New Do

Gus got a hair cut!  He wasn't too sure about the whole thing but he let me take his picture in the car when I picked him up. 

I snapped this photo with my vintage flip phone, so it is a bit blurry.  It took me awhile to get over the shock of seeing Gus like this!  I hardly recognized him!   I'm sure he feels better, we are still having 80- 90 degree days.


Urban Sketchers - TX

I am late in posting this, but this is my sketch from the last Urban Sketchers DFW outing on September 17th at Sundance Square in downtown Ft. Worth.  The Wheels for Wellness Car show was going on and there were some beautiful cars there! 


GPAC Art Show and Sale

Yesterday was the opening reception and award ceremony for the Grand Prairie Arts Council Art Show and Sale.  I had two of my drawings in the show.   When I walked into the Uptown Gallery and saw the amazing art on display, I felt completely out of my league.  I was wondering how my work had been juried into the show. There were 54 artists entered  and approximately 120 works of art on display.  The work was divided into 8 categories.  My drawings were in the Drawing category which included pastel, ink, graphite and colored pencil.  My "Engine 2" won 3rd Place!  

"Engine 2" by Dawn Giddings

The GPAC Art Show and Sale will be open until October 15th. Here
is a link to the local news story about the show.