Portrait Practice

I found the reference photo for this sketch on Pixaby copyright free images.   I loved that she was laughing the way my family and I laugh when we're together....all out 'til we have tears in our eyes!  I had trouble with her hair, but decided to quit while I was ahead.  It was just a practice piece and I did learn from this sketch. I knew it was going to be a hard one, but I learned a long time ago to choose the subjects I really want to draw. 



I have had some time to work in my sketchbook this week, finishing sketches I started on our cruise last month.  One of our favorite things to do on the ship is watch for flying fish.  They look like birds hovering over the water.  The ship stirs up schools of them and they fly out away from the ship.  They are way too fast for me to catch with my camera, so I have to admit, I googled several views of this elusive fish for my sketch. 

Also, I sketched the tiny cake we received at dinner one night in observance of Royal Caribbean Cruise line's 50th Anniversary.  It was very festive with a colorful sucker stuck in the middle instead of a candle. 

And last, I loved the decorations hanging in the Promenade the first night...colorful floats hanging by ropes.  I started randomly painting the floats before the thought occurred to me that the colors may have some significance.  If that be the case, I will chalk it up to artistic license! 


Second Place!

We attended the opening of the Grand Prairie Arts Council Juried Art Show and Sale today.  It turned out to be a very nice show with some really amazing artwork.   My drawing,  "First Truck" won second place in the Drawing Division! 

Wayne has a friend who owns a large ranch in East Texas.  When his old truck quit running, he left it out in the pasture to rust.  Over the years, trees grew up around it, making it impossible to open the doors.  I love old trucks and cars and the rust just made it more appealing to me as a subject to draw.
This is the first time I have worked with Charcoal pencils.  

I was so surprised and pleased to have friends show up to support me and see my drawing today!  Jim, Cindy, Pat and Doug, your being there meant so much to me!!  Thank you!!


Urban Sketchers - DFW

Today, Wayne and I hopped on the train and rode to downtown Fort Worth where we met my Urban Sketchers group.  We got to enjoy the Wheels For Welness Fall Car Show at Sundance Square where there were plenty of beautiful cars on display to sketch.

My sketch......

Our group......


Red Polka Dots

Just before we boarded the cruise ship,  we had a very enjoyable lunch with Wayne's sister and brother in law at Fisherman's Warf.  I looked over and saw this young woman at the next table.  She was so cute!   I loved her large sunglasses,  polka dot scarf, and lipstick, all in a perfectly matched shade of bright red.  I was immediately imagining which watercolors I would mix to recreate that same red.   She was glamorous and adorable at the same time.  I am still not bold enough to walk up to someone I don't know and say, "I would like to paint you!  May I take your photo?" I'm always afraid people will think I'm some sort of nut!   (All of you who know me well, please keep your thoughts to yourself!  Ha!)   Well,  thankfully,  Wayne is not afraid to ask anyone anything,  so he walked up to her and the gentleman she was having lunch with, and did the asking for me.    She graciously agreed to letting him take her photo.   I gave her my contact information,  so I'm hoping she will recognize herself and leave a comment.

I would still like to do a more formal painting at some point but for now,  this sketch in my sketchbook was good practice and a will remind me of this fun day! 


Not a Yellow Submarine

Wayne and I took a submarine ride while in Cozumel!  We dove to 107 ft. under the surface, watching fish and stingrays and viewing a sunken Navy vessel and coral reef.  We went to the edge of an underwater mountain where the ocean floor dropped off to 8,000 ft.  The whole experience was very interesting!  I remember watching WWII movies like "Destination Tokyo"  and wondering if I could ever get into a submarine.  Turns out, it wasn't scary at all.  Of course, we didn't have torpedoes speeding toward us at 200 knots!  😉

This was a white submarine instead of yellow, but while we were under the water, they did play the song, "Yellow Submarine" for us! You could tell everyone's ages by whether they knew the words or not.