Urban Sketchers Outing

Today Wayne and I met the Urban Sketchers DFW at Northpark Center in Dallas.  It was a great place for sketching!  The mall is filled with art,  interesting shops and is a great place for people watching!   I have been wanting to sketch a window display with mannequins!  I scouted out a place to sit comfortably that was a little less traveled so there wouldn't be crowds blocking my view.  The mall was very busy!   I sat on a wall across from Zara and had a great view. 

We met again at 4pm for the throw down where we all got to see each others work.   I am always amazed at the wonderful sketches displayed.

We also had passersby stop and ask about our art.

Then of course trying to get everyone in the group photo....

We didn't stay to eat with the group because we needed to get home.  But on the way out of the mall we were drawn like moths to a light to a candy shop right by the entrance.  Neither of us had ever seen candy like this and they were giving away free samples.   That was it,  we had to buy one for each of us.

The candy looks like marble!  It was delicious!! It was worth every penny.  Wayne had Key Lime Pie.   Mine,  the one pictured below, was Peanut Brittle.  

I'm already looking forward to our outing next month!


Sketching at DBU

The weather was gorgeous today, so I went on an adventure.  I drove over to Dallas Baptist University.  It is a beautiful campus built on top of a hill overlooking Mountain Creek Lake.  It was a perfect, sunny day with a light breeze.....something we haven't had in awhile.  I walked around the campus a bit and found a great place to sit and sketch the steeple of the Pilgrim Chapel.

Then I just walked around and took pictures of things I would like to sketch.

I'd like to go back and spend more time there!


500 Drawings Continued....

The paper in this book has a yellow tint which makes it really hard to photograph.   But these are my latest additions.  


12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

For a change of pace, I finished my boot sketch!  Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, has an annual boot giveaway just before Christmas.   I drool over those beautiful boots as I enter the contest each day and I love sketching them.  As you can see here....

During our weekly Skype call this morning with my sisters, I told them that I have to go to the gym and plug into the TV on the treadmill to watch Ree's cooking show on the Food Network because we don't have cable.   It somehow seems counterproductive to watch her cook fabulous meals while putting in my 3 miles. By the time I finish walking and her show goes off, I am hungry enough to eat a boot!!

As an added note, some friends egged me on to send this sketch to Ree.  So, after enough encouragement,  I did!  I really didn't expect to hear from her, or if I did, it wouldn't be any time soon.  This is no reflection on Ree, just the fact that she is a busy woman who must receive mountains of messages and email each week.  So you can imagine how surprised and delighted I was to receive a response in less than an hour!!  She said,  "Wow!! That's great, Dawn!!".   Isn't that the coolest thing?