Sunday at First Baptist

Our church, like many others have turned to Youtube to have our services online.  I always do little sketches as I take notes during the sermon.  My sketches (what I sketch) have been changing with the times.......

     To view last week's service, or "attend" this coming Sunday,

* I need to apologize to our pastor, Dr. Bill Skaar.  As this 
drawing was very small, I did not even get close to 
making this look like him.  : )


USK/DFW Sketch-In

This past Saturday, the DFW chapter of Urban Sketchers wasn't able to meet because of   the Shelter in Place order.  So, our group leaders came up with an idea to post a new challenge on our facebook page every hour, starting at 10:00 am and ending at 6:00 pm.  We then posted our drawings in the comments section below each challenge.  I followed along as long as I could, but doing a whole sketch every hour for 9 hours was way more than my hand could handle.  : )   I completely finished the first two challenges, and got another three sketched out in pencil.  Since Saturday, I have finished the other three. 

Our winner was Nguyen Khang, who finished all 9 challenges with his beautiful sketches.  The Grand Prize is a 6 roll package of toilet paper to be delivered to Khang at the next gathering after all this craziness is over.  And of course, he also received this beautiful golden virtual trophy, designed by Robyn Jorde......

This was so much fun and we have had many laughs!  We are all eager to do this again.  Although maybe at an easier pace! 

 The following are my finished sketches from the challenges....


It's a good thing that Dalynn, the holder of Grand Prize, lives 50+ miles outside of the Metroplex in an unknown location.  If Khang had received his prize, we may all be knocking on his door.....to borrow a roll of toilet paper.  HaHa!


Quick Portrait

Last weekend we drove to Longview to spend a little time with Wayne's son, Mike, and soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Olivia, and 5 of our grandkids.  We saw one of our granddaughters play basket ball!  Her team lost but it was a close game and it was so much fun to watch her play.

 We painted hearts and Valentine messages on Olivia's office windows,

 we stuffed ourselves at a Mexican restaurant and we watched part of a Transformer movie with the boys.  The boys are all taller than me now, one by almost a foot! 

Our granddaughters sometimes enjoy drawing or coloring with me.  The youngest asked me to draw her and sat very still and patiently.....until she found out that a boy from school was outside playing basketball with her older brothers.  My model quickly decided that she needed to be outside skating with her sister (keeping an eye on the boys).  Haha!  I snapped a quick photo of her before she left to finish the drawing later.

Here is my sketch.....

Wayne recognized who the drawing was of, so I guess its fairly close.  I think maybe her mouth is off, not quite sure.   But I hope she will like it. 


Mixed Media Madness

I was invited to join a brand new Facebook Group, the Seth Apter Creative CommunitySeth Apter is a mixed media artist who does wonderful, grungy, worn, rusted, awesome pieces.  I love the look and have followed him for quite awhile.  During my first look around his new group,  I fell in love with several techniques people are using in their mixed media art.  One of them is Embossing Powder.  I had heard of embossing powder and had watched videos about it on youtube, and knew it was something I would like to try one day.  Well, this past week, I finally did.  It is magic!  I can see using it often.

The other new item I purchased this week is a Tombow brush pen.  It is awesome!  The pens make lettering effortless.  I am so sad to find out that they come in   M A N Y   beautiful colors and sets.  How will I ever find my favorites? 


Wings like Eagles

The last time I went to visit my Dad,  I sat and sketched the wheelchair he had recently been using, while he was sleeping.  He passed away later that night.  After his Memorial service, I jotted down the verse we used,  Isaiah 40:31, but I didn't know how, or if, or when I would ever finish that page or the one facing it.  The night before last,  I was going through my sketchbook wanting to finish anything left undone before starting a new book, when I came to that page from two years ago.  It suddenly seemed right to paint an eagle across both pages.