My 8 year old granddaughter worked hard folding laundry, cleaning and pulling weeds, to save her own money to buy a Parakeet.  Out of the money she earned she remembered that "when you get money you should always give to God first." So she did.  Then she wrote a beautiful story about how God provided this bird and a cage large enough to keep him healthy and happy when she didn't quite have enough money.  She named her bird Periwinkle and this is my attempt to paint her bird from a video she made for me.  I turned the painting into a card to let her know how proud I am of her and it is now on its way to her.

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Reta said...

An amazing story and a sweet picture! She is talented, just like her Grandma and obviously desires to follow in your steps - with her studio. She is so skilled, not only in drawing, but also with words . . . a future journalist - book-writer - illustrator? Your encouragement is her joy!