Fun Times at the Giddings' "Farm"

Neither Wayne or I have ever grown our own vegetables before, at least not with any success.....until now.  We were at the Farmer's Market and ran across a gentleman selling tomato plants.  They were beautiful and one already had a tiny tomato on it so we bought two plants.  I re-potted them into larger pots and put them outside on the deck.  I carefully moved them from time to time during the day to keep them in the sunlight.  At night, we brought them inside so the squirrels wouldn't get to them.  (Recently, all my potted plants on the deck have been uprooted during the night and left for dead.)  We finally decided to build cages around them so they could stay out in the yard where they would get enough sun.......

We were so excited when 4 more tomatoes appeared!
 And it was very entertaining to watch the squirrels run round and round the cages trying to figure out how to get to those beautiful tomatoes!

Then this weekend, the first one started to turn red!
Before anything could happen to it, Wayne ran out and picked it.

  We placed it in the kitchen window to ripen a bit more and we are checking it every day. We figure... the cost of the plants, the wire for the cages, the larger pots and potting soil.....each of these tomatoes are worth about $7.00 a piece!  LOL  But they will taste SO GOOD!!  And we grew them ourselves!!  : )



Judy Warner said...

Enjoy that tomato! There is nothing like homegrown ones!

RETA said...

Good Job! ENJOY!

Margaret said...

There's nothing like the taste of a tomato off one's own plant. Good for you for persisting!