Our New and Improved Studio!!

We are finally done with the little touch ups and hanging my favorite things on the walls. Wayne did a fantastic job on the woodwork.  It is beautiful!

 We're so happy with the way the flooring looks now!  It will be much easier to keep clean than the carpet was.  I also love the bright white ceiling and clean freshly painted walls.

 I sorted all my batik fabric into the little cubbby holes and the top white basket on the floor beside them is overflowing with vintage hankies and lace I can't wait to use.

 My brother, Stephen Prophater is amazingly talented and draws home portraits.  He drew my dollhouse for me and made it look like a real house.

This is my drawing corner.  Stephen also did the drawing of the "Texas Hug", the cute little guy to the left hanging on the wall.  The middle frame on the wall is an ink drawing of my Dad done by another artist.  They worked together in the same studio. The last one is a piece of my Dad's artwork.  The glare on the glass makes it difficult to see but I will try to remember to post a better photo of it soon.

 I have been collecting vintage lace and trims at Estate Sales for awhile.  I just can't seem to pass it up....it is so beautiful!!  The yellow chair was my Mom's.  It was originally my grandmother's.  It sat on her back porch and she used it when shelling peas or shucking corn.  She was very short, so she had my grandpa cut the legs down so it was comfortable for her. It was in rough shape when my Mom got it, so she painted it yellow and antiqued it.  It has seen a lot of wear since then so it is more antiqued than ever!  Let's just say that it is very distressed!

 My daughter did the beautiful counted cross stitch on the top shelf and gave me the sheep (with the striped hat and dangling legs) that sits beside it.  Also on the top shelf is my collection of buttons. The yellow Bee mug, full of my best paint brushes, was a gift from my sister-in-law and her husband.  For some reason the glaze began to crack inside. When she heard about it they searched high and low to find another one just like it for me!!!  They are so sweet! I have been using the new one for my morning (and afternoon) coffee for 6 months or more and it is still perfect!

The dark brown bear on the left end was a Christmas gift from my daughter.  The bear next to him with the big heart was a Valentine gift from my son and daughter-in-law.  I love them both, they are so soft and huggable and they are way up high out of Gus' reach....for obvious reasons. : )  The framed piece is more of my Dad's artwork.  The stack of books came from estate sales as did the lovely vintage hat from Neiman Marcus on top. 

I put some unfinished pieces up on my design wall, hopefully to find inspiration to finish them.  I Believe I will finish them! : )

We were certainly able to make lemonade from these lemons!!  It was a lot of hard work, and Wayne has had some sore muscles and new bruises, but the end result is more than I could have hoped for. 

 We are now using ice cube trays, but it is working out just fine!


Judy Warner said...

Wha a fantastic studio! Oh, would I love to go through that chest of vintage lace!

Diane J. Evans said...

This was a great post, Dawn -- I loved seeing your gorgeous studio and reading the wonderful stories that accompany your treasures. I have to admit that I miss your quilting projects -- you are so talented in so many mediums that it must be hard to choose a project. Love seeing your creativity on display. And you obviously come by your amazing talent from your dad -- I'd love to see his work up close sometime.

Thanks for sharing.