Vintage Hanky Collage

I am working on a collage of these beautiful vintage pieces. It is a little sad to go through an estate sale and find treasures like these.....that no one in the family is interested in keeping, or that there is no family left to keep them.  They are so delicate that I have had several tear while gently washing them.  On the other hand, because no one wants them, I have collected approximately 50 of these gorgeous hankies plus other fine linens!  I was afraid to use them at first.  But I think I have found a way to preserve their beauty and share them.  I have coffee or tea dyed several pieces to add contrast, but I am thinking about layering a darker fabric under the cut-work to really show it off.  What do you think?

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imdiane said...

Although the cut work shows more over the dark in the second one, I find it a little too intense. I prefer the first one, just different shades of beige. I think I would like the more intense background as a stand alone piece.
These are so gorgeous. I'm glad you are we orking with them to make something beautiful with them.

D Giddings said...

I agree with you Diane. It is much too dark and distracts. It photographed even darker than it really is. I really appreciate your input! Thank you for leaving a comment!

Judy Warner said...

Just saw these today. I am drooling, Dawn. :) Glad that you are working with them and I like your decision.