Luminous Watercolor Mixing

 When it comes to watercolor,  mixing and matching color has always been a mystery to me and something I found very frustrating.  Then I found  Craftsy class,  Luminous Watercolor Mixing with Kateri Ewing. Turns out....you have to do the homework!!

To be honest, I was not looking forward to doing the following color charts.  It just seemed so tedious! But the more work I did, the more I loved it! 

 By the time I finished these charts, I was able to look out the window and study our huge oak and figure out which colors I would mix to paint the tree trunk, or the brick on our house, or the pine trees across the street. Things just finally clicked.  They were not the colors I would have picked before this class....or before doing the homework! 

 I love that Kateri uses a limited palette.  It has helped me understand the basic primary colors and how they interact with each other.    I haven't finished the class yet.  I will start applying what I am learning as I paint a leaf and a pear.  I will share more as I go. 

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