San Vito Winery

More pages are now finished in my Italy Journal.  Wayne and I had a real adventure while sneaking a taste of ripe olives while strolling around an olive orchard.  They were so beautiful and plump and looked delicious.  We learned too late, that olives go through a process where they are soaked in brine and or lye to make them edible.  They were very bitter and we immediately regretted our decision!  But it didn't change my mind about black olives.  They are still a favorite of mine.  But in the future, I will wait until they are processed!

The building is the San Vito Winery.  While visiting here, we got to taste their white and red wines and olive oil.  It was a beautiful place out in the country. 

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leslieleisel said...

Beautiful entry. They should hire you to advertise the beauty of those places through journal sketches! I will never forget Diane Lane in "Tuscan Sun" - popping a few black olives into her mouth, while harvesting them on her Italian property - Bramasole. Yep, she made a face too! ha!