#inktober 11

Today's prompt is "cruel" but I just can't follow that prompt today.   You see, we are finally burying my father's ashes with full military honors this morning.   We waited until now, when more of our family could be here, including my nephew who was being deployed to Iraq when my father died.   So, today, my inktober drawing is to honor my Dad....who was the farthest thing from cruel.  I drew his hand, holding his airbrush.  This was how he made his living and supported his family for over 50 years.  The Bible was what he lived by and how he shared his faith every day in both words and actions.  The flag represents his love and service to his country.  And the words "Joy" and "Unconditional Love" because that was how he lived and loved his family.   I love you, Dad!  I can't wait until I see you again!


leslieleisel said...

Such a blessing to my heart, yes, I'm one of his daughters - not able to be there. This tribute is incredible, Dawn. I say "Yes!" and "AMEN!" to all you wrote. I see his beautiful hand in your drawing - so familiar to me. Those hands were full of love. I think that all of his kids are better able to grasp our heavenly Father's love - because we already knew the love of a godly father. LOVE YOU DAD - SEE YOU SOON, IN GLORY!

imdiane said...

Amen to Dawn's tribute and Leslie's response. We were so blessed to have been born and raised by such a godly, loving, outstanding man!