2017 so far......

2017 has been a busy year so far!!  I started a blog post right after New Year's.........so proud of myself for starting the new year with a thorough cleaning of my studio, top to bottom.  I dusted and sorted and vacuumed the corners and behind everything.  All I had left to do was go through my cabinets and organize the contents. It looked wonderful!  However, I forgot to take before and after photos.  Now all I have are after the after photos.....

It is a long story, but we had a leak when the water line to our icemaker broke. It ran for several hours while we blissfully napped on a freezing cold Saturday afternoon.  We awoke to discover an inch of water on our kitchen floor and the carpet in my studio sopping wet. That was the bad news. The good news is that I now have a beautiful new studio!!  The carpet was ruined and we had to replace it, so while it was pulled up, and all the furniture moved out, we decided it was a great time to paint the room.  After living with a dingy dark beige ceiling for 5 years, I am in love with my clean, beautiful, creamy white ceiling!!  We found a fantastic deal on flooring and matched the walls to the light gray in the wood grain.

 We used vinyl click together wood grain planks for the flooring. No more worries about graphite powder staining the carpet or spilling water on the floor. It will wipe right up and look great.  When Wayne pulled up the baseboards they needed replaced.  And the crown molding needed replaced.  We had this ancient plaster crown molding that was installed about an inch from the ceiling......very strange.  I was glad to see it go.

 So, in just about 5 days, Wayne did all of the work himself.  I helped a little, but he has done a beautiful job.  He still has a few pieces of final trim to install and then he will be finished.  I will post final photos when he is done.

And just in case you are wondering.....we did not replace the water line to the ice maker.  We don't mind emptying ice trays at all.  So much easier than replacing another floor!!

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Judy Warner said...

Lemons to lemonade! You got a beautiful studio!!!