Confession Time

I have to come clean......I steal photos from my sister and her blog.  She is a wonderful photographerI can't resist.  : )
Here is my latest WIP from one of her photos.......



Here he is shaping up.....

Just a few more tweaks.....


More Progress

The drawing is still in the ugly stage but
 I am starting to love this guy!

I just heard the name "Humphrey" while watching an old Bob Hope and Lucille Ball movie.   I am kind of liking it!  Hmmmm.......



In my last post I wrote that I had gotten bogged down.... my studio was a mess, I had too many projects started, I had no place to work and couldn't find what I needed when I needed it.  My work table is now free and clear, most of my cabinets have been cleaned out and organized and I am working on a new drawing.  I still have alot of cleaning to do in the studio, but I feel so much better already and am busy at work again.  Here is an update on my Olde English Bulldogge.....

He needs a name.   Any suggestions?