Oil Change

Today I carried my sketchbook with me to get the oil changed in our car.  There were quite a few people in the waiting room which meant two things.....1. I had alot of subjects and 2. I was going to be there for a long time.   I started out trying to sketch the lady sitting across from me.  But I think she figured out what I was up to because she began squirming.  So, instead, I decided to sketch feet.  



Live Models

I have learned to draw portraits from photos where I am able to take measurements and draw with a grid to guide me.  But lately I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and doing some quick sketches of people around me.  

This past weekend, we drove to Shreveport to spend a day with Wayne's dad.  We took him to his favorite hangout (a rec center) where he plays dominoes with a group of friends almost every weekday.  I sat off to the side and sketched a chair and some dominoes and then got up the nerve to try to draw my father-in-law.  Playing dominoes is the only time this spry 95 yr old man ever sits still long enough to sketch! This is the result....

 Here are some quick sketches I have done while listening to the sermon in church...



Blue Heron

We saw this Blue Heron in North Carolina while on a walking trail with our daughter and grandchildren.  He took off when we tried to take his photo.  I still got several slightly fuzzy photos as he flew away. 



As I said in the comments section here, our visitor ended up in my sketchbook!



Geese around my daughter's home are as plentiful as doves at our home in Texas.




This is one of the goats my grandchildren enjoyed petting at the farm we visited in North Carolina....