# 30

More 500 Drawing Prompts (from this post).  I am now on number 30....  

Elephants are so cool!  I really liked doing this drawing.


Negative Painting Technique

This is my latest lesson.....Negative painting.  I learned to paint only the background, adding layers as I went.  Then finally adding a few details to the flower.  

I kept thinking this was upside down but I was told this is how these orchids grow.  



Jamaican Fish

This is a fun sketch I did in my journal of a carved wooden fish that Wayne and I bought in Jamaica.  Every tourist shop had them for sale but I fell in love with this one.  He has found a place in our living room and I decided it was about time that I added him to my journal....

This is me impersonating a schoolmate of our fish....  

: )



Week 3 of my Watercolor Class.

This week we painted vegetables.....

This class has been fun and I am learning a lot!  I chose a red pepper to paint because of the cool looking stem, but I didn't like the color against the red onion.  So, in my painting it is green.  It reminds me of Bob Ross....You can do ANYTHING you want to do-This is your World



As promised, here are my cupcakes. 

 I needed a lot of models for these paintings  : )


Watercolor Class

I have dabbled with watercolor in the past, with not much success.  I decided to take a class for several reasons. Being part of a class keeps me on track.  As an artist, I know there are no rules, but it is nice to have a good foundation and have someone guide you with the basics.  In a classroom, you have the chance to meet other people with the same interests and that is always fun.  I also find that I learn from other students as well as the teacher as to what works for different people and I love to see the wide range of art supplies that people use.  My husband will attest to the fact that I am hopelessly in love with new art supplies.: )  Also, working primarily in graphite now, I have had a growing desire to add color to my work.  So, I am taking a class at the Upstairs Gallery with Margie Wittington.  I am in good hands.  Margie is a wonderful teacher.   I am a little shy about posting my first paintings, but I am doing that at the request of my sisters who follow my blog to see what I am up to.