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I was inspired this Veteran's Day to sketch some of my Dad's medals.....


Thank You!

On this Veteran's Day, I want to thank all of our Service men and women, past and present for their service.  

My Dad served in the Army during WWII in the Philippines.....

 Wayne served in the Air Force in Viet Nam....

 I am so proud of both of them!

Happy Veteran's Day!



Renovations Day 3

Another day of being in my studio and out of the way of the contractors.....




I have been stuck (oh darn!) in my studio for 3 days now while renovations are happening in our living room.  I didn't have my computer either, for photo inspiration, so I just started sketching the things that were around me.    




I worked on this all weekend...a tweak here and a shadow there... each time I walked past my drawing table.  I think it is time to leave well enough alone.