A Birthday Gift

My son is artistic, however, he doesn't often spend time drawing in a sketchbook.  He really liked my journals and said he'd like to have one with lined paper to take notes during Bible Study.  Not knowing where to find lined paper in the right size, I finally drew the lines out on a piece of paper, just the way I wanted them and put it on my printer.  It took a long time for the printer to do eighty double sided prints, but the end result is pretty cool.  I used a rough piece of the leather I have left, the second key my sister gave me and made a writing journal for his Birthday.


leslieleisel said...

That is so incredible! What a great gift!!!!! It turned out beautiful.

Giddings Art said...

Thank you! He really seems happy with it. The guys at work ribbed him a little about having a diary with a key. Hahaha!